Park Information

Park Office:
7:30am - 4:30pm

Pool Office: (Now Closed)
11:00am - 6:00pm



The City has four parks consisting of the City Park, Shady Grove Park, Hawthorn Senior Park and the Scott City Ball Park.

Pavilion Rentals

Pavilion Locations: 

Number 1: Below the pool, closest to the pool

Number 2: By the stage, next to pavilion #1

Number 3: Horseshoe Pavilion

Number 4: Up by tennis courts

Number 5: Shady Grove - near side

Number 6: Shady Grove - far side

Number 7: Above pool, across parking lot

Number 8: Hawthorne Senior Park

Small Pavilions are $15 a day to rent out. The horseshoe pavilion is $55 a day. 

Prohibited Activities:

* Littering
* Riding or leading a horse
* Operating a vehicle off the roadways and parking areas
* Damaging Properties
* Using the Park from 10pm to 6am
* Using a trash receptacle for other than picnicking
* Using a controlled substance
* Unauthorized use of ball fields for organized sports
* Disturbing the peace
* Pets without a leash (without permission)
* Unauthorized alterations, improvement and/or maintenance of facilities without written permission
* Building fires not confined to a Bar-B-Q Pit
* Setting off fireworks of any kind
* Camping overnight